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Sweat Away- Skin And Scalp Protector

Sweat Away- Skin And Scalp Protector

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Scalp perspiration and improper preparation are the primary reasons your wig units do not stay in place as long as it should. 

Sweat Away™- Skin & Scalp Protector eliminates moisture, perspiration and odors while creating a protective barrier for your skin & scalp prior to wig system and cranial prosthetic application.

Our incredible product also prevents lifting, extends the length of your bond and helps adhesive to fully cure for maximum effectiveness and water-resistance.  It non-toxic and cruelty free.

Directions: Apply to clean and dry skin/scalp only.  Spray onto a makeup sponge or cotton ball and apply (all over for full head bonding or around the perimeter of the hairline for perimeter bonding).  Repeat. Allow to dry then follow with adhesive as directed. We recommend Jaye Harlow Beauty’s Miracle Bond™ Adhesive.