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What is Jaye Harlow Beauty?

Jaye Harlow Beauty is a full line of Professional Grade Hair Enhancement Care products created for the care, maintenance, application, removal and protection of the hair you wear.

    How do I place an order?

    Place an order simply by clicking on the Product or Collection pages to view the products you would like.  Choose your products to add to your cart, then simply check out.

    How do I use your products?

    Each products comes with detailed instructions on how to properly use it.  For additional information feel free to email Info@JayeHarlowBeauty to receive additional answers to any questions that you may have.

    How long will it take to receive my order?

    Orders are processed within 2-3 days (sooner in most cases), exact arrival times vary depending upon shipping options.  Most orders are received within 5 business days or less. 

    Can I purchase your products anywhere else?

    No.  Jaye Harlow Beauty Products are only available exclusively at

    What the difference between Jaye Harlow Beauty's Miracle Bond and other adhesives?

    Our Jaye Harlow Beauty Miracle Bond (TM) Adhesive has a revolutionary non-toxic formula that is water-resistant, blocks sweat and oils, is latex free and provides a long-lasting invisible bond for your lace or poly units.  It's power is doubled when used with our Jaye Harlow Beauty Sweat Away Skin & Scalp Protector.

    Why do I need to seal my knots? 

    Sealing the knot on your frontal, wig, cranial prosthetic, closure or hairpiece is critical after washing, coloring and/or customizing it.  Sealing the knots will prevent bald spots and increase the life of your unit.

    Does Jaye Harlow Beauty offer training?

    Yes.  Jaye Harlow Beauty has weekly Beauty Boss Calls to share critical information on the proper care for your hair enhancements and how to best use our products.

    Individual and salon trainings are also available.  If interested please forward your email to

    I have questions where can I send them?

    Please forward any and all questions to

    I want to become an affiliate/Brand Ambassador, how do I go about it?

              Click here to apply to our affiliate program.  Brand Ambassadors are chosen from  well performing affiliates and product users.