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About Us

Jaye Harlow Beauty is a full professional grade hair care line, created to care for "The Hair You Wear".  Specifically lace wigs, lace frontals, weaves, poly wigs, "man weaves", extensions & cranial prosthetics.  We call these hair enhancements.

Your hair enhancements should not be an afterthought when choosing your hair care products.  You invest a lot of money into your hair pieces, it's only right that you ensure they have the chance to have a long well-lived life.

The Jaye Harlow Beauty Hair Enhancement Care System provides you with a complete line of products dedicated to those who care about their hair systems.  Our mission is to provide healthy, professional grade hair products to professionals and consumers and to provide education and training on the proper usage of our products.

Your hair enhancements do not have the benefit of receiving the natural oils from your scalp they way your natural hair would, it is because of this they need extra moisture and hydration to ensure that they stay healthy and vibrant.  Jaye Harlow Beauty's Cleansing & Conditioning Collection feature products which provide the ultimate yet, lightweight hydration experience.

In addition to moisture, your enhancements need to be protected from heat. Daily heat and styling can damage your precious and expensive strands if they are not protected. Failure to properly protect your strands will leave them dry, brittle and even broken!

Jaye Harlow Beauty's Thermal Protection Collection has the perfect products that will both protect your strands from the effects of daily styling, blow-drying and thermal stylings and will give them the shine and flawless finish you love.  

At the heart of Jaye Harlow Beauty's Hair Enhancement Care System are our Wig Preparation, Wig Adhesive, Wig Removal and Wig Maintenance Products.  These collections round out the full Jaye Harlow Beauty Collection.

Created by a 20 year Beauty Industry Professional and Hair Enhancement Specialist, the Jaye Harlow Beauty line is a Professional Grade Hair Enhancement Care System for all.