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No Residue- System Restoring Shampoo

No Residue- System Restoring Shampoo

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Are you frustrated because your wig is not staying laid down after you have applied your adhesive?  Is your lace or poly base oily or greasy from products you've used and you don't know what to do about it?  If so, Jaye Harlow Beauty's incredible No Residue-System Restoring Shampoo is a breakthrough that will change your life!

This product restores the hair unit to its original, base state.  By removing every trace of adhesive, oils, shampoo and conditioner residues, hair spray, etc.  it guarantees a perfect attachment for your wig system every time! 

We also recommend also be used on the scalp to remove any oily residue prior to cosmetic bonding.  This shampoo is designed to return the lace and poly bases of a hair system back to its original condition. It can also be used to remove a buildup of hair spray from the hair. However, it should not be used as a daily shampoo

After cleansing hair system with Jaye Harlow Beauty’s Thirst Quenching Shampoo. Confirm that all adhesive is removed, then apply to system once. Work through hair for 60 seconds and ensure coverage of the base of your unit.  Rinse thoroughly. Follow with Jaye Harlow Beauty’s Thirst Quenching Conditioner (avoiding the base), rinse thoroughly and apply Jaye Harlow Beauty’s Air It Out Leave-In Conditioner (avoiding the base). Dry hair system and it is now ready for application.