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Freeze It Wig Layer & Knot Sealer

Freeze It Wig Layer & Knot Sealer

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This versatile spray is specially crafted for various important processes in your wig preparation, application and maintenance routines.

First and most important, is the sealing of knots.  The primary cause for bald spots in hair systems are a result of not properly sealing the knots after cleaning or coloring.  Although your knots should have been "sealed" when arriving from the manufacturer, any customization will weaken that bond and result in bald spot if not resealed.  Seal your knots each and every time with Freeze It-Wig Layer & Knot Sealer.

Freeze It can also be used for "glueless" wig application for when you are not looking for the longer, water-resistant hold of Miracle Bond, our hair system adhesive.

And lastly, Freeze It is incredible for adding volume and creating sleek styles with ultra hold and shine.  It leaves the hair looking natural while adding strength with long-lasting support.