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Miracle Bond Lace Wig & Poly Wig Adhesive

Miracle Bond™- Lace Wig & Poly System Adhesive

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Create a lasting invisible bond for your wig system and units without dangerous chemicals.  Miracle Bond™, Miracle ingredients for an invisible bond!  Water Resistant.  Non-toxic. Contains no harsh chemicals. Latex free.  Perfect for oily scalps & heavy sweaters. 


Directions: For lace systems, apply thin layer of Miracle Bond™ to the (perimeter area of scalp for perimeter bonding or full head for full head bonding). When adhesive turns clear, apply another layer.  Apply 2-4 layers, depending on your desired level of hold and scalp type.  Let dry 5-7 minutes and apply wig system. For poly systems follow the procedure above and add one thin layer of adhesive to the base of the wig system.