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Wig Cleansing & Conditioning

Products in our Cleansing & Conditioning Collection provide the best cleansing & moisturizing experience for your wigs, lace frontals, weave bundles, extensions and cranial prosthetics.

Your hair enhancements do not have the luxury of receiving the natural oils from your scalp, it is because of this that it's important that you properly cleanse and moisturize them.  Doing so enhances and maintains the quality of your enhancements, prevents oxidation, dryness and breakage and gives them a much longer fuller life.

On the flip side, it's important that the integrity of the lace and polyurethane on your bases are fully cleansed and restored, meaning that they are free of oils, buildup and nasty residues.  Failure to remove remaining oils and residue will prevent proper application in the future.

This means that your will experience lifting, slippage and some cases are unable to get your wig to adhere to your skin/scalp.  Our No Residue-System Restoring Shampoo ensures that your bases are properly restored during the cleansing process for a perfect application every time.


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