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How To Remove Your Lace Wig, Remove Your Frontal or Poly Hair Piece

This video demonstrates how to properly remove your lace wig, lace frontal, lace closure or poly hairpiece using Lace Off by Jaye Harlow Beauty.

Product used: Jaye Harlow Beauty's Lace Off-Adhesive Remover for Skin & Scalp

How To Seal The Knots On Your Lace Wig

No one wants bald lace frontals or bald spot in their lace wigs!  You spend hundreds of dollars on your hair enhancement systems be sure to protect them.  Our Freeze It- Wig Layer & Knot Sealer was created to protect seal & protect your knots allowing you to get more wear out of your systems.


Professional Grade Safe For All

Jaye Harlow Beauty was created for you, consumers of Lace Wigs, Poly Wigs, Frontals, Closures, 360 Wigs, Weaves, Hair Extensions & Cranial Prosthetics.

Your hair enhancements should not cost you the health or safety of your skin, scalp or natural hair. 

Created by a 20 year hair enhancement veteran and licensed professional, all of our products are guaranteed to provide you with the most professional products in the industry, that are safe, non-toxic, free of harsh chemicals & fumes.  


I've been waiting for a product line like this!  Thanks to Jaye Harlow Beauty's products my client's wigs last longer.  Also, my installs and removal processes are easier and safer.

Kayla K.

Miracle Bond Glue is the only glue I'll ever use on my lace wigs and frontals.  It doesn't lift, melt away or leave a gooey mess.

Candace B.

I used to wear full lace wigs a lot until I started to notice my hairline was receding.  I didn't know why my edges were disappearing until I learned that I wasn't prepping my hair properly and I wasn't removing the wig right. Now that my hair has grown back, I'm happy that I can wear my wigs again worrying about losing my hair.